A homeless teen who dances on the subway shows us exactly what courage looks like.
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He has dreams at 4:11... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Four boys from the projects come together to pursue their dreams on the subways of New Yor...
An artist spent 2 years illustrating a comic about 'Death'. And the result is pure perfection.
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Brilliant at 5:10... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmakers Peter Davis, Eric Laplante and Hunter Schlesingers take a look at the whimsical min...
A man goes to a clinic to get tested for HIV. When he waits for the results, he starts to lose it.
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The look on his face says it all at 8:00... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Matthew Puccini tells the story of Jude, a man who spends 15 ...
A shy wolf goes to a party and meets a bunch of rabbits. But then, her entire body starts itching.
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Her body begins to revolt at 10:11... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Dianne Bellino, in collaboration with animator Adam Davies, uses .....
A woman goes to a coffee shop to tell him that he got her pregnant. Then, she questions everything.
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She makes her decision at 3:37... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Daniel Montanarini tells the story of Anna, a woman who struggles to de...
A dad made a heartbreaking video about his dying son in an effort to fund the cure to save his life.
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To donate, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/projectalive. SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Christian Schultz tells the story of Finn Muedde...
A film student just made one of the best animations ever. Wow.
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It all goes wrong at 6:31... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Communication University of China student Shawn Wang tells the story of two robots sen...
A heroic dad shoots a robber breaking into his house. But now, the robber's daughter wants revenge.
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Surprise at 11:20... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Director Rob Savage and producer Douglas Cox tell the story of Lily, young woman who goes back...
A boy goes in the woods and gets bitten by a dangerous snake. So his friends do the unthinkable.
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I'm speechless at 6:14... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Tim Hyten tells the story of four boys, who find their friendship tested when o...
A lonely teen plays 'Cupid' with customers in the photo studio. Then, his dream girl walks in.
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Boy meets girl at 7:54... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Abi Varghese tells the story of Aaron, a romantic boy who purposely sends custo...
An artist sat waiting for his computer to load... and this brilliant animation is what he created.
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All too familiar at 0:42... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to London-based designer Raphael Vangelis created an animation about his daily life. He sp...
A good son cares for his dying mom, then breaks down crying when he's asked to do the unthinkable.
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My heart breaks at 15:00... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Oran Franco tells the story about Alex, a man who struggles to grant his dyin...
A film student made one of the funniest animations about school love. I actually laughed out loud.
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Boy meets girl at 2:38... and loses her at 4:48... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Bristol School of Animation graduate Jack Bennett tells the stor...
An NFL player goes broke and deep in debt. When he interviews for a job, he does the unthinkable.
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He faces a moral dilemma at 10:03... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Law Chen tells the story of an ex-football player who works various ...
A shy woman goes to a card game and meets a mysterious lady. But then, she gets a chill to the bone.
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She gets scared at 2:39... and terrified at 9:58... SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://sub2.omele.to Filmmaker Gabriel Olson tells the story of Mattie, a timid hous...