HILARIOUS Marriage Proposals
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A marriage proposal is a sweet and tender moment that should never be laughed at. Or should it? If that's what both parties are into, why not! We are ...
11 FEISTIEST Bears Ever
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From brown bears, to black bears, to Polar bears … Here are 11 of the feistiest bears ever! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr #4 American ...
19 CREEPIEST Abandoned Hospitals
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Hospitals are not the greatest of places at the best of times, so imagine those that have been abandoned and left to rot over the course of time. Asyl...
AMAZING Sites You'll Find In Taiwan
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Taiwan often gets mistaken as just being an island part of China. But Taiwan is it's own independent entity that has loads of intriguing sights to see...
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There are some incredible festivals and celebrations held all over the world that most of us don't even know about. From drinking beer to pelting thou...
Most MYSTERIOUS Underwater Creatures
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It's been proven that 94% of life on earth is aquatic and about 2/3rds of marine life are still to be identified. Today we journey into the depths of ...
Most DANGEROUS Waters in the World
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It's been said that a person can survive almost a month without food, but not even a week without water. Water accounts for 70.9% of the earth's surfa...
Abandoned Places NO ONE Knows About
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There are so many abandoned places around the globe which often leave you with more questions than they do answers! Why was it abandoned? Who lived th...
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Shows like Storage Wars have us glued to our seats, waiting in anticipation to find out if there's going to be anything incredible or disturbing lurki...
FABULOUS and Fun Products For the Wine Lover
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Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 11 - Sip Happens… People seem to be a lot more open-minded of late, when it comes to marijuana and marij...
MYSTERIOUS Conspiracies
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From the cover up of the Phoenix Lights Incident; to human giants and the real truth behind PLANET X; These are 5 Mysterious Conspiracies Explained ! ...
COLDEST Places on Earth People Actually Live
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Recently the UK has gone through a bit of a cold patch, to say the least, but if you thought that was cold, you're about to have a rude awakening. Eve...
Most HAUNTED Places in the World
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Ghost stories, myths and legends have been around since, well, forever… and they're common in every single city throughout the world. I bet your tow...
BIGGEST Ever Man Made Structures
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When it comes to man-made structures, we're always trying to go bigger and better, with the results being buildings that are massive in every aspect. ...
WEIRD and Incredible Fact About Space
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Space is incredible. Need I say more? Well, if you follow along with me, I'll tell you some pretty crazy things that are happening in our Solar System...