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10 Fan Theories That Make Disney Movies Terrifying Screen Rant
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 Published On Oct 11, 2017

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Disney movies have some truly scary undertones if you really look closely. 10 Theories That Make Disney Films Terrifying! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

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Disney is commonly perceived as being a fun for all the family type of company. Which is probably why dark fan theories of Disney films often pick up and make the movies kind of unsettling.

We hear about them all the time, but today we’re going in-depth, we’re going to be talking about the strange and depressing links between Frozen, Tangled and the Little Mermaid. We’re also going to delve into the time that The Incredibles may have deliberately parroted Ayn Randian philosophy. Some of these fan theories speculate on the true identities of some characters. For example what if Dr. Facilier is really Tiana’s father? It’s the only non-magical way he could be so aware of Tiana and all her hopes and dreams. What if Mufasa became a rain god? It makes sense seeing as the pridelands completely dried up for as long as Scar was in charge, only for the rain to pour the second Scar is killed.

We have some classics like the theory of Jessie being owned by Andy’s mother back in the day. Not only that but we also philosophise on whether Finding Nemo is all a metaphor for Marlon’s grief, and if Prince Charming is simply a metaphor for Snow White dying. We also wonder whether the entire city of Agrabah is actually part of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, after all how else would the genie know all those pop culture references?

Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Veronika Zelenne

Frozen | 0:40
Aladdin | 1:45
The Emperor's New Groove | 2:48
Finding Nemo | 4:04
Toy Story | 5:17
The Incredibles | 6:28
The Lion King | 7:48
Snow White | 8:50
The Princess And The Frog | 10:00
Fantasia And The Disney Universe | 11:11

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