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Auto Car Mechanic- Cartoon for Children| Car Build, Racing Сars- Ambulance,Police Car- All Episodes Best Baby Games
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 Published On Jun 17, 2017

Category: Entertainment

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➔ The Young Mechanic is the game for kids.
This is the funny puzzle game for kids and toddlers from 3 to 6 years in 36 levels with beautiful puzzles. The Young Mechanic designed to give kids a positive first experience build popular and simple vehicles models and test them in race.
The game are feature cartoon models of popular cars, commercial vehicle and various special and construction machines such as police car, ambulance, race cars, sport car, school bus, tractors, fire engine, special vehicles, trucks, vintage steam trains and super modern locomotives and others! Collect puzzles, build cars, access to new levels, new puzzles, from which you can collect even more interesting cars and vehicles. Assembled cars can race on the racetrack.
The kids develop the skills of creativity and logical thinking through play. The game has a race mode for models of cars and various vehicles on the racetrack after the passage of several puzzles at this level. There's the kid can learn and train the skills of quick reaction and motility of fingers, because he needed to service vehicles on time, repair breakages, refuel and cool the overheated engine. It will depend on the reaction rate of Young Mechanic which of cars will win the race on the track. The Young Mechanic had to react very quickly, because of the situation requiring intervention of mechanics happen quite often in the race. The winner of the race wins only one car, which will be provide attention and care on time.
Kid will be very interesting and fun and sometimes it is difficult to bring your favorite machine to finish that game adds extra excitement and unpredictability, and the baby is pushing to develop the speed of his reactions and hand movements. There you can choose between different models of cars and vehicles to participate in the race, which has already assembled from puzzles and is in the list. Thus, the child can compare all assembled models in the competition on the track for speed, power and reliability.
Download the game for children Young Mechanic on Android mobile or tablet for your child! Play free!
- interface and controls designed for toddlers and kids;
- the official mobile game app for children completely in English;
- the game is safe, tested on mobile devices, free of viruses and hidden activities;
- the game consists of 36 levels;
- after assembling the puzzle ALL CARS go to the track race;
- to revive the car, you need to collect puzzle;
- it increases the difficulty of the game for children development during the game;
- it`s guaranteed many hours of fun for your kid.
The game is meant to:
- visual memory development;
- improving of cognitive abilities;
- education of logical thinking;
- evolvement of the motility a child's hand.
❤ Auto Car Mechanic- Cartoon for Children| Car Build, Racing Сars- Ambulance,Police Car- All Episodes - ❤

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