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Pets You Should NEVER Release into the Wild Talltanic
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 Published On Dec 07, 2017

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Getting a new pet always starts out as a great idea. A small trip to a pet store or animal shelter may have you coming home with a new pet that you don’t know how to take care of properly. And while your initial thought may be to release the animal back into the wild, that can have devastating effects on the ecology.

These are the Pets you should Never release into the wild.

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3. Hermit Crabs
You have probably seen hundreds of hermit crabs on sale at your local mall or even some boardwalks. And while many people purchase these lovely creatures, many are still released into the wild.

Even though these animals have the word hermit in their name, they prefer to live in small colonies. These small colonies need a fair amount of space to live comfortably in captivity, requiring at minimum a ten-gallon aquarium tank. Even after you get the tank, hermit crabs require a delicate ecosystem to live happy which involves a lot of hard work to maintain. With all of these requirements, many people decide that they can not keep these small creatures in their homes.

Most people may try and return these creatures to the ocean, thinking that is the best place for them. However, hermit crabs that are released into the wild have a high chance of dying shortly after release. Most of these crabs struggle to find colonies to become part of since they were not born into a wild colony. And since they were raised with their owner feeding them, hermit crabs struggle to find food and survive in the harsh wilderness. Worst of all, the paint used to decorate these crabs to pull your attention to purchase them can be harmful to the environment and kill other creatures.

The best option is for you not to purchase a hermit crab unless you are dedicated to keeping up their delicate living environment. If you have bought one and can no longer keep live with them, find a local pet store or aquarium to donate them to so they can live a happy life.

2. Turtle
Turtles are sold as excellent pets for any family and can be found at almost any pet store for relatively cheap. While many people think giving a turtle a large aquarium tank and feeding them will be enough, turtles are actually difficult animals to keep in captivity.

The most prominent drawback to a turtle is the commitment you are making. Turtles can live for decades, requiring you to feed and care for them long after your initial purchase. Besides the long lifetime, turtles can grow to enormous sizes during their life. While your brand new turtle may start out at only a few pounds, in five to ten years it can grow to 50 or more pounds. Once they reach these larger sizes, they can cause serious damage to your home and property, wanting to get into anything they can crawl onto and chew on anything that fits in their mouths.

After some families have dealt with the difficulties of living with a turtle, some decide it would be best just to let a turtle roam back into the wild. Since most turtles become accustomed to you feeding and taking care of them, when they are released into the wild they no longer have the skills required to survive in the harsh environment. What is worse is that most pet turtles carry diseases that can threaten existing wildlife when released into the wild.

Thankfully, if you are trying to get rid of your turtle, there are dedicated organizations to relocating turtles to a safe environment.

1. Goldfish
Even though you may think of goldfish as a starter fish for your first aquarium, they are actually much more demanding of a pet than you might think.

In almost every movie or TV show, you have probably seen a goldfish kept in a small glass bowl. The reality of goldfish, however, is that they require huge tanks. A single fancy goldfish needs a 30-gallon tank for them to live comfortably. For each additional goldfish, another 10 gallons is required for a healthy environment.

Unfortunately, most general pet stores do not know of these restrictions and will sell a goldfish to anyone without caring about the size of a tank. For some, after realizing what is required for a goldfish, they will release them into a local pond or lake.

When goldfish are released into nature, they can have a devastating impact on the environment. They can mix up sediment, tear up vegetation, and will eat eggs of the existing fish which can cause a massive shift in the ecology of a pond or lake. What’s worse, these goldfish can become enormous fish, and bread incredibly fast.

So the next time you need to get rid of that goldfish you got as a gift or at the carnival, take them to almost any local fish store so they can take care of them.

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